Okay, this is the story of my Godwalk. Who am I, what’s my story and why do I believe in a God?


I was saved when I was… oh… 10 years old or something, plus or minus a few years. Point is I asked Jesus into my heart. It wasn’t until my mid to late teens that I really had a firm understanding of my decision, by firm enough, I mean I knew I really need to live for God and not just be content being ‘saved’. I was saved when I asked God into my heart…

… but I was not necessarily consciously living for God. The turning point I think was when I moved away from my parents house and was required to confirm my own identity, and live out my identity. I needed to make my own identity and I chose my faith in God to be a part of my identity.  There are many things that make me,.. me. The biggest influence however is God in my life.


Has my life been easy? Well, look at the pictures above, its a visual metaphor… Yes, I did grow up in a christian family , what does that account for, nothing else then maybe that I had a better chance at sticking with God through the hard times. The path has been varied, I would guess that I’ve done the full range of things that teens get in trouble for, and possibly I’ve been involved 

in more  things then most. But.. experience, good or bad is helpful.  With experience comes knowledge, knowledge + experience = wisdom and wisdom demonstrates maturity and is the evidence of maturity, in faith and in life in general. It sounds bad but I would not trade my rebelliousness or all the trouble I got into when I was younger for anything. It has helped paint the portrait of my life.

When faced with low points, troubles, things that seem impassable, what do you do?Give

 up and sit down? Being human, we can’t help but try to get out of it. You may think yer 

stuck in mud and no-one else in the world is. 

Truth is that there are many going through similar things. As humans, we do eventually push or pull ourselves out of life’s hard-times. Its wired into us to survive. When you get through it, you’re dirty a bit, remnants of the experience stick to you. 

You’re left cleaning off as much as you can but some stuff will stick with you your whole life. Nothing you can do about that, thats your portrait, your life story. Its those experiences that you’ll remember, and those are the ones you’ll probably retell over and over. So though my walk has had ups and downs, still I get through life, I walk, I run, I climb, I fly and I do all with the faith that Jesus is beside me every step of the way.

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  1. janet Thomas says:

    very cool Micah, I like the personal page it adds a lot of class to your business page, love the pics………………….. 🙂

  2. justJpls says:

    Great views and outloook on life in general you seem like such a great perosn I wish I will gain some of that knowledge , Best wishes and prayers go out to you , Your family and loved ones . Young ones lucky to have a dad that involves them in everything to , You seem likee a genuine kind person and I wish and pray for the best , Recently lost someone to an od/hanging suicide I have been reaching out for strength from god and to not let it burden my wife I pray , Though I wish it didn’t happen we can’t take back someones last words or change their thoughts once it’s too late, I know hd I shown her some of your insightrful knowlefge she may still be here,, She needed god! she needed love and family,

  3. Micah says:

    thanks for the comment, appreciate it 🙂

  4. Noel Lang says:

    Hi Micah,
    Your website is great!
    Last year you posted a video on You Tube titled “Mystery of the lost Jubilee Year – 5777 / 2017 is the year”. there are many expectations for the rapture or the second coming of the Messiah and when nothing happens there will be a great disappointment.
    I am here to tell you that the second coming is a way off yet and so is the Jubile year. Below, I shall explain very briefly the outline of an article that I am in the process of completing. Please let me know if you are interested – I can email it, there is no cost. Here is the guide line:-
    The year of the Messiah’s birth was in the year -2 or 3bc with a conjunction of Jupiter and Regulus on the second day of the seventh month. The actual birthday of the Messiah was fourteen days before at the conjunction of Venus and Mercury. The Magi from the East observed all these signs and visited the child about the time of the conjunction of Regulus and Jupiter.
    The Messiah began his ministry in a 4000 th Jubile year Luke4:16-21 in the year 28ad at the age of thirty. The year -2 plus 30 is 28ad.
    Go back 4000 years from 28ad to the year -3972 or 3973bc, to the first day New Moon of the seventh Hebrew month which begins a Civil year. On this day there is an amazing sign with the Sun and Jupiter on the horizon as viewed approximately from the spot where Saul was blinded on the road to Damascus. The sign is seen with the Sun and Jupiter having hold of the left arm of a scorpion in the constellation of Scorpio. The year follows what would be a Jubile and is the first day of fifty years, and the day before the first week of the first month begins.
    Going forward 1656 years from the year-3972 to the year of the flood in -2316 the second month, 17 th day the Sun eclipses Jupiter as viewed from Jerusalem. The following day the Moon is showered by water being poured out of a vase in Aquarius.
    Going forward in time 794 years to the year -1522 or 1523bc is a Jubile year that began in the year -1523, or 1524bc. On Nissan 16 the morning of the Israelites marching out of Egypt, at the third hour of the day the Sun and Jupiter conjunct. On the last day of Unleavened bread which was the 21 st day the Israelites were encamped on Nuweiba Beach on the shore of the Gulf of Aquaba. That night when the 10mile wide sea was parted and the Israelites crossed on dry ground the whole night the Moon entered the mouth of a fish. While the Israelites were crossing on the sea bed the Moon travelled in the gut of the fish. Immediately the Moon passed the end of the gut shortly after first light the sea returned to normal.
    Going forward three and a half years past 28ad to 35ad in the first month on the 14 th day was the Passover which also happened to be April the 14 th. On the morning of the 14 day at the 3 rd hour when the Messiah was nailed to the cross, the Moon approached the scales of Libra and turned a full blood red right on the cross of the scales. The eclipse occurred from the third hour till the sixth hour midday. This blood moon remained unbeknown to all who witnessed the crucifixion that day for the moon was well below the horizon. The sign was not for them but for us who are living at the end of time! Note, The Passover occurs on a Monday on the Papal calendar, that makes the Sabbath to occur on a Tuesday, but the true Sabbath can only be found on the Lunar Solar Calendar determined by the two lights in heaven, the Sun and Moon.
    The wonder in the heavens mentioned in Revelation 12 which occurs on September 23 2017 occurs on the Second day of the seventh month, not a Jubile year nor a land rest. The child was born fourteen days before, represented by Jupiter in the belly of the woman in the constellation of Virgo. The gestation period was exactly 294 days, 42 weeks. The fourteen days allows for the child to be circumcised on the eighth day with six days for the wound to heal.
    Going forward from 28ad add 2000 years which is forty Jubile’s to the year 2028, the six thousandth year and a Jubile. In the seventh month on the 10 th day of the month is the day of Atonement On this day in last minutes of the day at sunset, the Sun and Jupiter representing the Father and the Son are exactly in alignment with the heart of the woman as she prepares herself for the marriage of the Messiah with his bride, purifying herself in readiness for the wedding feast.
    The above signs may be seen when using the program Stellarium, Ideally use the version 0.12.4 -recommended.

  5. Vickie Taylor says:

    Micah, I pray for you. I pray that the Lord will bless you and give you Joy, peace and love. I pray that He will put His mighty hand upon you and protect you daily. I pray that your cup will run over from His blessing, support and protection. He answers my prayers. When my brother lost hearing in one ear, I prayed and his hearing was restored. When some boys were trapped in a cave in Thailand, I prayed and 12 days went by then I thought they couldn’t have survived but they did. The Lord will bless you because you love Him and your videos proclaim His name and lift Him up to His proper place. So I pray for you and He knows that I do it so that all will know that He is God who blesses those who love Him. Blessings to you always!

  6. Edsel Jenkins says:

    Hello Micah, I watched your video on the 12 Shepard’s it was very thought provoking! In reviewing the past 12 prime ministers of Israel or shepherds; one was a woman (Golda Meir/“a shepherdess” ). I might be wrong but to me it seems that Gantz would be the 12th shepherd (the last one) and not Netanyahu. I’m not being chauvinistic, just taking the words in 1 Enoch 90:19 (..he opened that book concerning the destruction which those TWELVE LAST SHEPHERDS had wrought) literally. Your thoughts.

  7. Micah says:

    I kinda think all prime ministers, and that it does not distinguish between male of female but we won’t know until its fulfilled or debunked, one or the other 🙂

  8. Laura Navarro says:

    Hello Micah
    God Bless you and always seek His wisdom you are right about that. Many people in Christ are forgetting that has a greater plan then man think it is just like apostle John had a vision that was to be seen by him but to close it until then end times and I believe we are seeing this and Gods grace unfolding now. God is finish with satan now and the cry’s from children are reaching heaven and he is now putting an end to the evil for a season and his chosen is being equipped to fulfill His harvest and reaching the masses across the world. Before His Sons coming Glory to God. I believe you have a destiny as we all in Christ have. We have been deceived by many False teacher that are leading His sheep astray. Now it’s His turn to show His glory through Christ hallelujah!!!
    So continue to proclaim Christ the Lord and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Because Christ wants to reveal to us his plan and using His blessings on all he has chosen He always disciplines His children because he loves us. We are all chosen for this time in History for His glorious plan. I will pray for God to prosper you and anoint you to do His will and plan He has written in the heavenly books. God bless you.

  9. Micah says:

    Thanks! I appreciate that comment!

  10. Micah says:

    i believe any leader, male or female is counted since it covers a period of time regardless. and the way things are going, Gantz is all but out of the picture now.

  11. Micah says:

    Thanks for the comment – yes i agree, all / any leader.

  12. Micah says:

    Thanks, appreciate that!

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