Baking a 2009 Macbook Pro – Will it Bake????

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Well, I’ve baked a number of MacBook pro boards now, 4 total, and some multiple times including this 2009 MacBook Pro. Its a bit of a fail. I did meet a guy on kijiji however who does fix motherboards and figured – hey, why not give this guy a try… Since baking didn’t work, i was very interested to see what he would find and if I can learn something from what he found and maybe fix the next one where baking isn’t required. this one came in a state where it wasn’t even posting – so really, that should be an indication that there is something more than just CPU or GPU issues since it wasn’t POSTing at all, no beeps, lights, etc. The board had power but thats as far as I got.

Turns out a capacitor was blown on it. I have high hopes for a 2012 MacBook pro which is on the way now, which hopefully will become my main system. Stay tuned!!

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