How To Raise Chicks – My quick quick, all I know about raising chicks

This is my quick guide to raising chicks. Its pretty simple. Chicks need 3 things:
— warmth
— water
— food

This is generally what they need and so if you provide this in the right amounts, you’ll be able to grow up your own chickens.

This first couple of weeks they should be kept near 25 or 30 degrees celsius, I find they are OK with those temperatures. And if you provide chick starter and water, they will find it on their own when ready.

After a month at 25 to 30 degrees, you can transition them outside and under a heat lamp – they will automatically seek out the warmth and sit under a heat lamp if they are cold, again, provide the food and water and they will seek it out.

Make sure that you limit drafts and definitely keep them dry.

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