Gold Silver updates – Goldman sees higher gold price, Prepare for economic event

Should the Lord tarry, and we not be THAT close to the 7 year tribulation as the bible speaks of it, its inevitable that another 1929 could occur, and economic conditions are indeed even far WORSE than they were preceding 1929. We should be wise about what we have, to prepare if we see situations coming, and the economy is in such a state that we should all see the potentially imminent economic trouble ahead of us. I’ve done videos about livestock and how you can keep animals that will keep providing food during any event, but precious metals also have been a store of wealth for thousands of years, so as an investment in the future, preserving value today for your retirement as an example, precious metals is a good place to store that wealth. It doesn’t make as much interest as the stock market does, but its also not prone to dips and crashes where you could lose ALL your wealth like the markets.

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