How To: Take an indefinitely long time-lapse with the Garmin Virb

I wanted to do a long time-lapse of our river but the battery only goes for 3 hours at best. One option is to get extra batteries and swap them out when one dies but that means i have to be there when it dies.

My solution was to use a solar powered battery box that I had, the Xantrex PowerPackSolar unit that has a 5 watt solar panel attached and a 10Ah battery internally. It has a USB charger as well as 120 volt plugs, lighter socket and LED lights. Its useful for many things but one thing here was that I plugged in the Virb to this and the solar panel on it basically kept the Virb and battery pack topped up during the day / sunlight hours. Makes for a great extra battery – and a 10Ah one at that! I could likely run the camera most of the night using it as well though the Virb does seem to pull lots of power all the time if its plugged in. Seems like it doesn’t just charge the battery but also consumes it to run the device rather than just keeping the battery topped off in the Virb.

Anyways, this setup ran for 8 or so hours without issue. Made for a real nice result I find.

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Videos recorded with a Garmin Virb.
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