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A look at a 1977 boler in ‘restoration mode’

These were clips I took while checking out a boler for sale near where I live. The price as of today is a bit steep for me but the unit looks great anyways. My thoughts were that this could be the new off grid camper – and a bit of an investment as these things do tend to hold good value.

This one is torn apart and is basically in the middle of restoration when the owner decided he didn’t have the time to finish it.

What say you? Should I get it as Off Grid camper #2? Amazing little campers these are, cute and quaint and compact. weighing under 1000 pounds dry and able to be towed by a 4 cylinder car which is really key.

My older camper was a 15 foot unit and too long and heavy to be pulled by our Dodge Caliber which has a pull limit of 1000 pounds. Our white camper was about 2500 pounds at least by comparison.

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