The 70 Shepherds Of Israel – Book Of Enoch – Bible Prophecy

I do a teaching vid on the 70 shepherds of Israel. Its based on the prophecy in the book of Enoch, a non-canonical / extra biblical text written by the great grandfather of Noah. Yes its the same Enoch mentioned in the bible in Genesis!

The bible also does mention the book of enoch!

The interesting bit is that it seems to agree with the current leaders of Israel since 1948. This article suggests the final 12 leaders are for THIS time (not the 7 year tribulation necessarily). Ken Johnson though who has some videos on the subject suggests that we should be looking at the 23 (prior to the 12) leaders and they are for our time. Two different views, very interesting prophecy though.

The original PDF I reference is this one:

Ken Johnsons video relating to this is here:

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