How To: Break A Mirror In Your Netgear Stora Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device

I provide a walkthrough on how to break your mirror and add another drive to your net gear stora NAS. In this case I’m breaking it so that I can take 1 drive full of data off site and then set a third drive in the empty bay and mirror the data over to it again. This creates 3 distinct and separate backup copies of my data – not to mention the copy that is already on my laptop. In effect, I have 4 copies of ALL of my critical data so that I’m redundant and failsafe.

I’m backing up lots of family photos and files, and we have over 80 gigs of data just for photos so its key that we have a good backup plan in please.

See my original instructions with steps including time machine backups here:

Please comment, how do you backup your data? How do you ensure its safe from any foreseeable disaster?

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