Garmin Virb coming today – Also, making Lye from Wood Ashes, Maple Syrup

A homestead update, talking about a few things.

The virb is coming today – hopefully. I’m going to be making my own Lye from wood ash and also making some homemade soap in the coming weeks. The sap hasn’t been running since I tapped the tree either, as soon as I tapped the tree, the temperatures dropped right down and have been no good for sap runs since with more snow too..

For sap, we look like we are still a couple weeks out now from running sap but I”ll keep you all updated.

If I do get the Virb today, I’ll try to make a quick video of it so you can see what I got.

So stay tuned for lots of great videos coming up, homestead related, tech related and all!

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