Screencast-o-matic 2 – Screencasting Software Review

This is currently beta software, available as a download for PRO users but as a web based version for other users I believe. I just decided to upgrade to pro for $15 a year – hard to beat that price for what this does and its closest rival is I think $30, and the price goes up from there. This granted is 15 yearly, or 3 years for $30 but still, great deal.

Does all version 1 did, and looks better, has larger buttons and the interface is simplified and generally more professional looking.

Editing videos is easy, going PRO removes the watermarking and means you can make videos that are not limited by time (15 minute limit in free version)

The interface is super simple to use, basic options that are enough to get the job done and post editing allows moving the webcam image multiple times throughout the video as well as some nice visual options like shadowing and rounded corners for the cam image.

Great software for the price and what it does, I recommend it and at free or $15, its almost a no brainer if you need to do screen casting and you’re just starting at it!

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