Screencast-o-matic Version 1 – Screencasting Software Review

This is my video review of screencast-o-matic. Its free version is super simply to use, it does webcam and screen capture at the same time and allows you to resize the capture area as needed.

It also exports nice small size video files without too much loss in quality – not enough lost for screen capture type videos anyways.

I recommend it as the most simple and accessible and FREE screen casting software that does webcam and screen capture at the same time.

Most other software is very expensive, or limits videos to 5 minutes like Jing, or doesn’t record cam and screen at same time.

The free version allows up to 15 minute videos.

Even the upgrade to the pro version – review coming shortly – is super cheap and provides some great extra features and all for only $15 a year.

No, I didn’t get paid for this, i had to shell out the 15 for mine but its good enough and one of very few pieces of free software that really does a solid basic job of screen casting!

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