World Bible Prophecy – Euro and the Grexit – Trigger or Crashing EURO values

Talking about the exit by Greece, the potential consequences and Alan Greenspan – formerly of the Federal Reserve can’t see a way that they could stay in the Euro.

Is Greece the first domino of many (Portugal, Italy, etc) that will start the collapse of the European Union?

If they do exit in an uncontrolled way this could trigger a collapse of the economy of Europe and therefore the rest of the world since the world economy is very interconnected and the debt owed by all is staggering!

If confidence is lost, this could be the trigger to the world economic collapse and likely a war – which could be brewing between world powers in Ukraine right now with Russia and the US.

This is very important to see the outcome of Greece. It ties right into bible prophecy as a one world government and monetary system must come into existence and what could usher that in better than a worldwide economic collapse?

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