Bible Prophecy Alert – Oil Prices dropping, growing voices of Alarm

Was going to post bible prophecy updates only on sundays but there is so much going on. I’ll continue sunday updates, but I guess this might be more of a quick news update.

An alert of sorts related to the price of oil and what may come of it. With the Schmita year in play, and 7 years since the 2008 crisis, we are well overdue considering the debt load of the world, the fact that the world banks absolutely cannot increase interest rates because the economy is not getting better.

high time to be alert, pay attention to whats happening and get prepared if you want to be ready for whatever may come. First, find Jesus. Second, use the brain He gave you and get prepared to feed your family and others should any event occur, even if the economy is propped up for a longer period of time.

Fiat currencies only last for so long, they cannot live forever and in a debt based society, we can only borrow so much before the world loses confidence in the world money system.

Stay focused and just be prepared. We are living in biblical times!
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