How to fix a waterlogged pressure tank

The full original blog is here which details what I did and what the issue was:

Basically my well pump was cycling on and off fairly quickly – which is bad for longevity of the pump, my pressure tank was waterlogged so I describe what i did to fix it.

basically drain it first, then pump air into the tank to 20 or 30 psi, (this has to be in balance with your min / max pressure set on your well pump) ,then once pressured up, fill with water again.

This works for a bladder less pressure tank. If you have a bladder and its broken, thats another story. You could just empty it and use it like a big old bell pressure tank – where a bubble sits at the top and it should work fine but its up to you. And I’m not sure what chemicals might be inside the bladder. Best to flush it out at least.
Hope this helps the next guy! And read the full blog as well for all the detail

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