Freezer Alarm – Cheap Insurance / Disaster Avoidance

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1214463437664040_1This is a review of a new freezer alarm I purchased off Ebay. We have 3 freezers, the first two we got were used – and free, and one of them was free with the understanding that it didn’t work at the time (was going to use it for something else).

We now have 3 freezers full of food (pigs, chickens and various things). 19 cubic feet in total of freezer space which we didn’t intend to fill up actually. I only intended to use two 7cuFT freezers.

With the expectation that one of the used / free ones was going to fail I figured the easiest insurance was a fridge alarm. This one off ebay allows setting min and max temperatures so should the freezer go out of that range set, it will send out an audible alarm. Even with power off, the freezer itself since insulated should keep the food cold enough for a number of hours so this should give us some warning so that we can then do something about it without losing what currently amounts to hundreds of dollars worth of food. And these were 10 bucks a piece off ebay (think i said 3 or 4 on the video, oops)! Enjoy.

[youtube BrVIEWmlMKg]

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