Winter is coming

OurHouseWheatleyRiver2012Winter is coming, today (as all read this), we will be getting snow, 5 to 10 centimetres worth of it – no, the pic above isn’t actually of today though it may look similar once we get our snow.   I’m hoping for the higher amount – so i can try out my blade on my tractor! I spent my lunch hour clearing things from the yard, and Lindsey spent time as well doing the same.

We won’t get a ton of snow and this will probably only last 24 hours or so but its a good warning to get things tidied up around the house.  I’m attempting to get the chanteclers weaned off the heat lamp however my youngest batch are still too young for that. 3 weeks old I guess now, not even all their feathers in.  The running water has been shut off so its back to scooping water from the river until springtime. I need to get our hand pump going out there but with no sunlight now at 4:30 basically, there isn’t much for incentive to go out and get stuff done, especially when it requires a flashlight.

I might just be noticing it more this year but boy does it halt outdoor activity as soon as its dark. In the summer I’d be out until 1opm tinkering, getting jobs done, fixing stuff. Now all I feel like doing is hunkering down in a comfortable chair for the evening. The lack of sunlight and therefore vitamin D may be the cause of that reality as well though.

we have some clean up to do and some Samaritans purse shoeboxes to fill up today.

Sure is nice to have a wood furnace downstairs, the extra work definitely takes time but its good exercise, cheaper heat and the smell of the fire is homey.

Should be a cozy sort of first winter day here on the Gallant Homestead.

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