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Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 8.25.04 AMI love getting free stuff. Who doesn’t right? And I always have a lot of projects on the go or new projects I could be inspired to do which usually would require money to buy parts, pieces, construction material etc. Well, here is what I do to find some really cool free stuff or just good stuff that pops up on usedpei. I have alerts setup.

I forgot if I spoke of this feature before, but basically you login to your account ( in my case) search for whatever you’re looking for, then you can create an alert out of that search. An alert then will notify you by email if anyone posts a new ad with that text in the detail of it.

This doesn’t mean the item is free necessarily but it will keep you on top of any new ads that come out related to what you’re looking for. And timing is everything with these sites, first come first serve.

So I post all the stuff I’m interested in looking at should it be posted, whether fee or free and it gives me the best opportunity to grab it if its something that I want to get. Often, for things like generators its just interesting to see the ads but i’m not actually going to buy them – unless an old beat up one came up that was free or super dirt cheap!

Other things are fanciful like the player piano – there actually was one for free I believe it was that I saw a little too late about 2 months ago. It was snapped up. Was super sad about that, I’ve always wanted a player piano. Reminds me of the days when we would go to the fall fair and pick up the air guns and shoot the red dots to make the mannequin play the piano – which would be a player piano sometimes, or hit the cans and make them tumble.

And for Chanteclers, i like to keep my eye open for who has them – again, not necessarily that I’d buy them but interesting to know who has them, and what they have.

The boler is another one I keep watch for – they are rare and often expensive but one day – Should the Lord tarry – I’d like to get one of them (Boler is a vintage fiberglass camper trailer).

Anyways, great way to keep on top of things. I also frequent the FREE tab on usedpei, I’ve gotten a boat load of stuff. Here are some of the things I’ve gotten off it:

  • working freezers – a few of them
  • 20 4 gallon containers with lids – we use these for all sorts of things
  • double paned patio doors – great for a pop can hot air project – or for actual use in a new building
  • wood stoves
  • computer parts

I’m sure there are more, just can’t think of them. I’ve gotten a lot of really cheap things too, like a Galaxy Tab 3 (7 inch) tablet which wasn’t charging for $20. Opened it up, wired in a USB end direct to the battery and we have a working second tablet for around the house! You don’t have to be rich to have lots of fun stuff, often you just need to be willing to go pick something up and do a bit of repair on it. Its a great way to have fun getting stuff, and tinkering without breaking the bank to buy new stuff.

So make use of those alerts – but not on usedpei cause I want to be first for anything good there 😉

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2 thoughts on “How to get FREE stuff

  1. Dear Micah, I have been watching your YouTubes and enjoying them. I was especially interested in the on the Remote Meter MT-5 solar controller. You explained things well but I am having a bit of trouble changing the factory AH setting from 200 to 86 and wonder if you know how to make that change. Would most appreciate your comment, if possible, thanks so much.
    Paul Zappella (don’t understand the wrench -and the manual was so hard to understand)

  2. i was way off 😛 sorry… just had a chance to go try it on the meter today. so left right arrow to get the the Ah display then click ‘set’ button (left button) which lights up the monkey wrench. Then click left and right to raise and lower the Ah value until you like it, then click the set button again to save it. the set / wrench is just the edit mode on any of the screens.

    Does that help?

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