Chantecler Winter Storage

chanteclersHere is a quick video update of where all our chickens are, including our newest Chanteclers.  All chicks are now out of our house and into the chicken shed. The older chanteclers have been weaned off the heat lamp and they survived the first night without it. Got down to 3 degrees celsius or so. They are hardy birds and I definitely want them all off headlamps for the winter. The newest – 3 week olds will be under it for a while still. 5 of those ones.  The issue is that I want them off energy dependence.

One of the new things this year as well along with all the canning we’ve been doing is that anything we won’t be eating, we are freezing to feed the chickens during the winter. Thats a great way to save food for winter time feeding that we would otherwise just put in the compost.

We right now have 5 layers only, producing 3 eggs a day now in the fewer hours of sunlight we’re getting. The goal for next year is a fully self sustaining flock of Chanteclers for meat and eggs.

[youtube 8TPHceaiC1c]

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