Root-Cellar-Garbage-CanWe grew a large pile of carrots, possibly enough for the whole winter. We needed a way to preserve them though. So you got canning (pickling), dehydrating,  and putting them in a cellar. We didn’t have a cellar though and that seems to be the easiest  / least processing required method and the age old method as well.

I got to thinking (aka googling) and there are various types of cellars. Many of which require a lot of materials or effort, mainly in the digging of large enough holes to build or roof over the cellar. I came across the idea of sinking a garbage can into the ground, so i went for it. I bought a brand new stainless steel garbage can ($30) from Canadian Tire, dug a hole and LIndsey got a bag of sawdust – to layer the carrots with. See the video for the result.

You can google it yourself to see exactly how its done. We’ve not yet experienced it for any length of time – just filled it friday – but I see no reason it won’t work well and I will probably do a further review in the spring to see how its held up and if the vegetables stayed both crisp and rot / fungus free.


[youtube kswmrk_p5n0]

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