Taking the Punishment – Beeswax wood finish

imageThe family is back and the newly finished table is starting to see some real use. its so far had milk, water, cereal and various sorts of vegetables spilled on it. So far it appears to be holding up, the liquids are beading and no huge issues wiping it down.

Arden even spilled water based paint on it which did seem to colour it a bit in the spot where it was sitting until i noticed it the next day but it was dark and kinda matches the rest of the look of the table anyways.

This has the beeswax and olive oil finish on it. WHats nice about this finish is that its so easy to work with, should we have a stain or water circle that we want to fix, we simply spot sand the area, and reapply. it seems only to take one coat of beeswax finish as the oil soaks in then the wax seals the top enough that subsequent coats of polish don’t quickly soak in or dry. So thats interesting, its not really a multi coat sort of application.

[youtube Uqb5XlZskMg]

imageI”ll probably have an update in a years time and let you know if we had to resurface the whole thing.

One thing this finish doesn’t do is fill gaps or holes really, anything larger than 1/16th of an inch really is too big as the wax does get into it but dries and cracks as it contracts and the oil dries out of it. so those holes or gaps are best left to wood sealer. I may go back and use wood sealer a bit more to make the table surface more flat in spots where i thought the finish might just do that job. Notes for next time.

it also helps to dry it more quickly to wipe it down with rags or paper towel a few days after application to take off the moist layer on top. i was finding the top would stay moist going on a week at least so wiping off the excess in those cases resolves it.

Here is the original article for interests sake how to make it and such:


the table finishing compound, oil and wax
the table finishing compound, oil and wax


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