Blood Moons update – Scottie

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MoonHere is the latest vid on the blood moons by Scottie – a guy on Youtube i subscribe too. Great sum up of where we’re at in the blood moon tetrad pattern and whats likely to come shortly.

I agree that this is just the ‘warm up’. We’re experiencing now the birth pains and they are only getting more intense.

Have you noticed lately:

  • volcanoes are erupting everywhere? Iceland, 2 in Japan, etc
  • droughts, the worst ever on record – California
  • Pestilences – ebola?? and enterovirus in the US – major concerns for all of use
  • Radioactivity and polution hitting the west from Fukushima
  • Wars and rumours of wars – the Israel / Palestinian thing isn’t over – nor has the Iranian situation been taken care of. And oh, ISIS.
  • The bear is awake – Russia is moving off the US dollar, threatening NATO countries, cutting off oil / natural gas supplies to Europe?

Are you all paying attention? I hope so, the nightly news doesn’t cover even a quarter of this stuff . Its your responsibility to see the signs of the times, and know where we’re at.


[youtube NRifQCioQ4A]

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