Bugout Prepper or Simple Stewardship?

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wpid-Photo-20140908224802.jpgI don’t really fancy myself a ‘prepper’ but i am preparing for things that might come our way. Many christians think its funny to prepare. “where is your faith” they say or wonder, “doesn’t God take care of the flowers and birds, how much more will he take care of you?”

Its a fair question. Am I lacking faith that God would provide in times of need should they come? My thought was that, well if God provides when we need stuff, why do i bother working for a living? Why not just live on faith? The standard christian would huff at that and say ‘well… you need to work…’ without really resolving the paradox  there.

The answer is that we have to work, God expects us to, its part of the cost of us having sinned originally with Adam.

Even with that realization, prepping seems to still be conspiratorial, outside of the box, odd for a regular law abiding citizen right?

I came across a response to that exact question in a Q & A with Chuck Missler who I really like and respect.

Listen to him addressing it at the 21 minute mark in the below video.

The short answer is that we are expected to work for our food, shelter etc, and as fathers and men, we are expected to provide for our families and sometimes that means thinking ahead, being prepared to take care of them. Example, you wouldn’t leave on a family vacation without enough money in the bank to get back to your home, or leave without knowing where you’ll sleep that night right? Same idea with preparing. Chuck defines this as stewardship – which is a good christian-ese sort of word.

God gives us what we need, and intelligence, and with that we need to be good stewards. A good steward may mean saving some food back for times when you know or have suspicion that something will happen and so to preserve and provide for your family in that time, you make arrangements.

I’m not into collecting auto machine guns or anything, but good stewardship means looking ahead and getting ready for potential situations and thats just a wise thing to do!

[youtube 69YW_y4_t7g]

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