How to bet against the dollar

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I subscribe to a guy on youtube, Gregory Mannarino, hes a trader. Stock trader that is. One of his catch phrases is ‘bet against the dollar’ in terms of how you trade. That means make trades, take profits, and funnel those profits into the purchase of gold, silver or other hard assets. So bet your money on the intangible stocks and when you take your profit, convert that into hard assets. Effectively you’re  taking what you won and taking it out of the economy – for all intents and purposes.

The reason being is that if the economy crashes, 500 shares of Apple won’t mean anything. So capitalize on the upward movement of the stock market now, and then convert it into things that are still worth something post financial collapse, the second great depression or whatever lies ahead. Really even if the stock market doesn’t go down, basically you’re stockpiling wealth by converting fiat currency into physical assets.

Ok, thats your stock market lesson for today.  I don’t trade – though I’ve often thought it would be fun to do but I don’t have the money or knowledge to gamble at that… However, I can take the idea behind it and bet against the dollar, against any dollar in my own way.

crash of 2008
crash of 2008

Knowing that the economy will collapse – its not IF, its only when, we can take what we have now and convert it into something that will be of value on the other side of any economic downturn – no matter how far down it goes. I believe we’re in for something WORSE than the great depression, indeed I see massive loss of life, riots, starvation coming, and for many reasons, but i would digress if I went into that bit.

Here are some ideas for converting what you’re making in fiat currency into an asset or something that will hold value THROUGH any economic crisis:

  • buy gold. Gold is one of the oldest recognized assets that seems to hold value in some shape or form no matter what the world currencies are doing.  Its not cheap now, but if you compare it to where it could go, it is. 1300 an ounce now is predicted to be dirt cheap compared to it being worth 5 times that during or after a crash.  So pay attention to relative worth.
  • pay off your ‘good debt’. Like your house, property, things like that never fully lose value. You will always be able to sell or trade a  house, or land. Bad debt like cars and such, well this should be paid off too but post crash, its not really worth anything… Problem is, if you’re caught owing on it and have no way to pay it back, banks or whatever government there is around at the time could come looking for it in some form to pay down what you owe.
  • purchase tools – purchase wood working tools, shovels, hoes, a rake, things that don’t require electricity. They will always be useful especially if the time comes again where we actually need to grow all our own food
  • purchase some animals. chickens for example potentially can reproduce on their own – if you get some good broody birds.  though they don’t live forever, they can pretty much forage 100% of their food in the summer at least if needed and their value would increase after any sort of crisis, as that may be the only source of food. Pigs may not be ideal since they cost much more to feed but grazing animals like cows, again if you have pasture cost very little to feed and they would increase exponentially after a crisis
  • buy and plant fruit and nut trees – these will produce free food (literally free) for years to come.
  • buy mason jars – they last almost forever and can be used year after year to preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • learn the old skills – planting gardens, finding food in the wild, making candles, canning

There are many more, but investing in these things actually takes your money now and ensures value in a crisis, economic or otherwise. Its as if you’re teleporting your cash to the future.

Now, should the Lord tarry, and we go through another depression – and I don’t see why we would not have to endure that, this not only makes sense and is a good investment, its wise and practical especially if you have your own family to feed.

Chuck Missler likened ‘prepping’ of a sort to being good stewards simply of what we have, ensuring we can provide for our loved ones and even to provide for friends and neighbours in a crisis maybe they didn’t believe, or see coming for whatever reasons.

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2 thoughts on “How to bet against the dollar

  1. I listened to Gregory for several years. Never bought any of his recommendations, so I don’t know how I might have done. He buys options but never gives out the strike or expiration. Twice I wrote a comment on his YouTube page thanking him for the free years, as well as letting him know that there was still a lot of free information left on the net. So, I wouldn’t be subscribing. Twice he deleted my comments. If one wants some really useful, actionable free information, then is the place. They broadcast different hour long experienced traders live all day long. Each trader has their own system that one can either pay to learn or if you listen long enough you can get the basics over time. They have free archives of all their traders. These guys are for real and you can make some serious money with them and if you are patient, it won’t cost you a dime. I am not paid to say this nor am I paying for their services.

  2. I’m no trader and not all he says is true. Some of what he says makes sense to me though. Thanks for the comment and the link, I’ll check it out

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