DIY Wood Polish and Sealent – Ben Nyquist

First I’ll thank Ben Nyquist for his recipe for the wood sealant. All credit goes to him for this and me knowing about it and how to do it. His website is here:

The sites not been updated since 2013, hope he intends to keep it up but if not, I’ll ensure the recipe stays up on the internet (haven’t found any other versions / copies of it yet)

As a twist, I’ll make a video of how I made it.

First of all, this is an all natural (potentially organic) table / furniture sealant and polish.  I can’t speak to the longevity of it but I’m trusting the comments on Bens site that it stands up well and only requires minor refinishing every once and a while. I intend to use this on my new harvest table that I decided to build. I have 2 kids (right now) and a wife (of course) so it will see its share of splashing, banging, spills, scraping, and who knows what other punishment.

Ingredients and recipe:

  • 1 part melted bees wax
  • 3 parts Olive oil

I got my bees wax straight up from a local honey producer. It was literally the unwanted comb scrapings from his hives, bunched together,  some discernible as combs, others not. Mine came with bits of grass, and a couple dead bees stuck in it too. It was fully unprocessed. The wax Ben got was store bought, pre-molded / cleaned wax. Mine is really no different but the process is a bit more rustic and original to get it in shape.

The video will show what I did but here is the quick steps to it:

  1. melt down the wax. I tried double boiler and microwave. I found the microwave to be FAR quicker so I did that for basically all of the wax and gave up on the double boiler method on the stove top
  2. pour in 1 cup (or whatever quarter part you want) of melted bees wax into a jar
  3. pour in 3 cups (or parts) of olive oil (i used extra virgin only because thats what I happened to have in the cupboard)
  4. Mix it up
  5. YOu’ll find the wax chunks up a bit due to the cooler oil, place the jar in the microwave – without lid of course
  6. heat for 2 minutes – the solution should mostly go translucent as the opaque wax melts into the oil
  7. take it out, stir it well
  8. Let cool
  9. It will congeal and harden slightly into a yellow paste ready for finishing any woodwork you have.

It stores up to a year according to Ben, I’ll take his word for it! One of the best things I like about this is its all natural – two obvious ingredients, and its fully edible – though you wouldn’t really want to eat it. 99% of the surfaces they put on tables these days is laden with chemicals, so I don’t know why we think its a good idea to eat off it. Sure our food doesn’t usually touch the top but i know with our kids, toast and such is on the table. The less chemicals ingested the better I say.  And if a natural product is out there, why not use it and pass on the knowledge to the next generation right?!

[youtube Uqb5XlZskMg]

Stay tuned for videos of me putting it on the table, and then the obligatory 6 month and 1 year review on its longevity and durability.

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