The Woes of a Youtube Channel

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For those of you who have youtube channels, you may or may not know what I”m talking about. I have a few subscribers on my channel (View channeland due to that I’ve not had too much trouble yet.

I’ve been following Nomadic Fanatic and Troy from the ‘do it yourself world’ and the ‘off grid project’. You can look them up on youtube if you want.  Troys channel was all about living off grid, lessons learned, what he was up to. Long story short, he got to a point with so many subscribers that he started getting trolls. Trolls would watch his videos, make nasty comments, even create lies and stories of how Troy was secretly rich but pretending to be poor ?!… and that he had a wife and kids, and all craziness. People even continued o watch his videos and then started calling the police when they saw something in there they thought was illegal or something. Pure madness, why do these people bother even watching if they just want to make trouble?

Then I started watching Nomadic Fanatic, this is a guy that lives out of his RV full time. Same story, sharing very personal details of his life and experiences. And for a while – until a certain subscriber base is reached, all is great, your subscribers love you and support what you’re doing and are genuinely interested in what you’re doing.

There comes a certain point, a magical subscriber number it seems where the trolls hop on board and just start making your life miserable just for the fun of it  it seems. No rhyme or reason, they start making things up, calling police, in the case of Nomadic fanatic, they started leaving notes in his family members mailboxes :/   … seriously? nothing better to do? why not go subscribe to a channel you like instead of spending time on one you seem to have issues with.


Anyways, it makes me think of my channel and what limitations i need to put on my channel so that in fact I don’t cause stress on my family and start getting cop calls for stuff people think I”m doing wrong. Its pure madness, its inconceivable and this is the state of our world!

I can’t understand it, all I can do is describe what is going on. So next time you’re on a channel, think twice about adding snarky comments, makes life miserable for the guy on the other side who is just trying to have some fun making videos!

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