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Homestead Updates – August 2014

The Gallants HomesteadThe homestead is trucking along, our gardens are full and we already have spoken of plans to double the size again (we quadrupled the size from last year). Planting vegetables is really one of the easiest things you can do and anyone with a backyard can do it.

Current vegetables:

  • radishes
  • pumpkins
  • sunflowers
  • peas
  • carrots
  • swiss chard
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  •  and…  thats all i can think of. might be another thing or two in there

Next year I think we will do similar just on a larger scale. Plus maybe some sugar beets for the pigs feed. Would be nice to try some corn as well and maybe some cereals just for fun. earthway-precision-garden-seeder1We’re looking at getting a seeder just like the one to the right. It has different plates for different size seeds. YOu could plant an acre or two in a day with this little device, all properly spaced and covered. Great option to really allow yo uto expand your garden and really start growing enough for your family for the year. manually planting provides enough for a month or two maybe – at least the size of our garden. On the larger scale, you get enough vegetables to freeze or preserve and no excuse not to preserve because yo have so much you can’t possibly eat it all 🙂

On the livestock side, I’m going to be ramping up incubating again – worst time of year I know but with my Chanteclers wiped out, and only 6 red hens (maybe 5 laying) we’re getting low on birds so I need to get another round started asap. If I can hatch them now, they should be laying by spring time. We’ve had good success for the most part keeping them warm through the winter as well with heat lamps and at a certain age, as long as you have good wind proof shelter, they should be pretty much set anyways without extra heat.

I have this next week off so i’m *hoping* to get some projects done that have been waiting forever. My list of projects included:

  • new gutter drain on the front porch
  • finish painting the front porch white
  • install a valve in our hot water boiler so that in the summer i don’t lose hot water temps to thermosiphoning. . The idea with this is in the summer I close the valve so it doesn’t siphon, and in winter I open it so when the fire is burning it heats our hot water for free * (* – still paying for wood… but cheaper than AC for sure)
  • fix our back deck which had a portion collapse due to snow load
  • oh, and all the 8 cord of firewood i need to cut up!
  • finish adding trim to our upstairs bathroom which has been waiting a couple years for completion

These are the general projects that need to be done. If I was single and had time, I would totally get video blogs going of all this for my youtube channel – alas, i have too many other things to do. so many fun things, so little time. I did find out this year that i have 5 weeks vacation going forward now from work so that is GREAT, and really gives me some decent time to do stay cations where i can get larger projects done at home.

Thats all for now from the homestead.

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