Financial Collapse Imminent? Will the credit bubble pop?

wpid-Photo-20140517181154.jpgHold on tight, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times!

The financial collapse is imminent and overdue, there are wars and rumours of wars, ebola is spreading, soon to be a pandemic and the weather is going wild with fires, floods and droughts. All these things push us even quicker towards the economic collapse or war or both at the same time.

Gregory Manarino here below is not a christian. He is a stock trader but he watches world events because they cause the stock market to go up and down. He is suggesting the end of this year could be just like 2007 (i.e. the start of the big 2008 collapse).

watch it, go read the headlines and watch the stock market for yourself and see if you see it happening.

Its common knowledge that our credit economy – debt based is not sustainable. Its common knowledge the market WILL correct itself, its common knowledge is coming and soon. People don’t seem to be paying attention though, are you?

1929 happened to the folks on the planet at that time, are you ready for round 2 which has been brewing since we dropped the gold standard and took up the fiat money economy. (Fiat money – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


[youtube JFZtPFYux-c]

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