Morphy Roberts Astral Camper Fridge Consumption

THis is a vid of me considering the consumption of the camper fridge in our camper. Its quite old, I assume original, so probably greater than 50 years old… Still works, dual propane / electric with the flip of a switch.

Compared to newer tech this one does use more power, about 120 watts – not continuous but it turns out to require 110 watts at a 70% duty cycle or thereabouts.  Considering I only have 90 watts of solar panels, sucking 75 watts continuous (which is safe to consider is doing) means that there isn’t a lot of room left for charging gthe panels back up  to 100% if the fridge was left on all night…

For comparison, newer mobicool coolers consume about 20 watts and plug direct into DC plugs for even more efficiency (the camper fridge is AC). 20 watts i *could* manage to power 24 hours a day with enough overhead during the day, at least on sunny days, to fully charge up the batter from a night of drain with the cooler.

Stay tuned for updates, I would like to find a cooler!

[youtube nYoDzbv5qnI]

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