Volts * Amps = Watts

Was working on my solar setups and the one equation that is top of mind for all folk into solar is V*I=P

AkA, Volts multiplied by Amps equals wattage. So if you know any two of those three, you can calculate the third. The oft used version of it is volts * amps, because this gets you watts and you often need to know how many watts you’re drawing to get an idea of Wh (watt hours, the number of watts that you can use or ARE using in the time span of an hour)

Here is a whole page of electrical formulas for your perusal: http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-ohm.htm

yes, this is a random image of the unit off google...
yes, this is a random image of the unit off google…

I’ve acquired an AC volt  / amp / watt meter, a little digital item off ebay. 13 bucks I think. I’m going to put this beside my AC line feeding the breaker box so I can use this to monitor my watt usage.  Its a whole study on watts, watt hours, and all that but this is the stuff you get into and enjoy learning when you’re into the solar hobby!

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