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Spring time is a fun time of year. its when we all start getting outside, cleaning up yards, readying gardens for planting and soaking in the sunlight.

This year we’ve expanded our garden by 3 times the original size or so. We’re planning pumpkins this year, sunflowers, beans etc on top of what we grew last year (cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and such). My attitude is, if we can grow it, why wouldn’t we try? Its as easy as plunking seeds in the ground pretty much, thats how God designed it so why wouldn’t we plant absolutely as much as possible?

CherryLapinsOn top of gardens, I also purchased two cherry trees (dwarfish) to provide cherries for us each year. We also intend on a pear tree this year, and likely will get a couple more smaller apple trees (the rodents chewed the bark off much of our other ones unfortunately 🙁 … lesson learned to wrap the bottom in plastic so they don’t kill the young trees!)

The neighbour will be planting a whole orchard, 30 trees or so, three different varieties which is super nice. Means we don’t need to go too crazy with apple trees here as we’ll be able to share hopefully. Everyone pitching in with planting fruit trees really helps. Its lower cost for all of us, the trees will be filtering our air all the more, we’ve helping improve the environment and feeding all the wild birds and animals at the same time and getting free food.

I really don’t know why we don’t all go spend $60 on a couple trees for our backyard and allow them to produce fresh fruit for the next 60 years for us… it really makes no sense when you think about it but we’re a very short timespan thinking people. We almost only care about the next week, rarely to people invest in their own future, let alone the future of their kids or other people who may be purchasing your house or property going forward.

OH, another perk is that a few fruit trees would increase the sale price of your house for sure, since no one doesn’t like fruit trees, so fruit trees really pay for themselves over and over but most of us are too shortsighted to recognize that.

Wouldn’t you like to have a fresh fruit produce aisle in your backyard? No you don’t need to live in the tropics for that sort of thing.  We in PEI can even grow various nut trees as well. Its amazing when you start looking at what we can actually plunk in our ground here and grow, we don’t need to go spend money at the grocery.

Its really a mind shift thing and when you see it, you SEE it.  Same story with chickens, and such. Doing your own thing, much less money, much healthier, saves the environment, produces enough food that you often start giving food away to friend as well.

Thats my ‘sell’ on fruit trees. God is amazing and His creation is amazing and the more I plant the more I understand that!

Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

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