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Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.44.26 PMI won’t call this a review really, its not in-depth. This will just be some thoughts on it. As I was using it recently to edit and post movies to youtube i decided that it really is a slick tool for editing and creating.

The interface is a little weird to get used to, hard to know what to hit, when and where. You have to do a lot of touching the thing you want to edit, and dragging edges rather than dedicated buttons on the side for things. Once you get used to it, its a pretty slick little tool.

Its great quickly editing movies, splicing together clips and shortening clips, from there you can post directly to youtube. There is a youtube app for iPad but I find its limited for effects and general editing so iMovie is often better if you have a number of clips to put together.

One thing I found cool about it just tonight actually is you can layer up audio. So you can pop in a generic Apple background tune. That audio will auto duck at some percentage under the audio of the clips. And the audio provided is decent, not too cheesy. As well you can add in little sound bites of crowds cheering, bells ringing etc, all that goofy stuff. And that is layered on top of the audio. You can change the level of each of the layers as well to get the correct mix, so turn up the clip, turn down the music a bit more, make the sound clip loud at the right time. Finer tuning and editing likely isn’t there though I haven’t spent too much time looking for the limits. For that it doesn’t matter to me too much.

It allows titling and different clip transitions as well with enough options that I didn’t find myself looking for anything further. My fall back is always the macbook and the full iMovie program but i don’t’ find its necessary most the time for what I’m doing.

I’m giving iMovie for iPad a big thumbs up. If you post to youtube, its a super quick way to get stuff posted.

The other required app is the youtube app, its even quicker to post vids but less options for editing. What I do is capture with the youtube capture app, and then if any light to medium editing is required i pull them into iMovie which sees them automatically on load.

Great apps if you have a youtube channel to keep updated! Oh, and the ability to do a better than decent job of editing on the iPad is a really cool feeling as well. Certainly the future there 🙂

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