NOCO Genius Smart Charger Review

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Here is my review of the NOCO Genius Wicked Smart Charger.

The review goes over the details. Here are the pros and cons:


  • small size
  • waterproof
  • great LEDs on the front to give you some idea of what its doing
  • quick detach battery clips
  • 6volt  / 12 volt options
  • options for wet cell batteries or AGM and others
  • works good as a basic battery maintainer that you leave connected


  • the primary purpose was to restore some old sulphated batteries – didn’t work
  • not a lot more useful in reality than my old ‘dumb’ charger
  • high price

Overall, I wouldn’t suggest this for most, its cost was a lot for it basically just being a glorified 12volt charger with shiny LEDs. Also, it doesn’t restore old batteries, that was a stretch anyways, nothing magical about this unit. It just charges batteries basically with a few more selectable options. My suggestion is to save your money, buy a more basic charger, it does the same stuff. This will NOT restore beat up old batteries in general if those same batteries cannot be charged up by any other ‘dumb’ charger

[youtube ZU2kxjI9NHc]

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