Hog House and run

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imagesThis is a quick vid of my newly built hog house. No idea if it will suffice or will be strong enough. In terms of shelter, its overbuilt from what I hear / read in terms of the minimum requirements pigs need for shelter. I made it just big enough for 2, maybe you could squeeze in 3. It will provide shelter from the rain, and the sun in summer and it has the extra little enclosed area for extra miserable days and to help out the young weaners when they arrive. Its well vented and I didn’t spend too much time on that. In the heat of the summer, venting will be key to keeping it an habitable place as pigs can’t sweat so they’ll need good shade.  I may even need another shaded area within the pen somewhere but I’ll put that up as needed.


[youtube BW7RF8iK0Ws]


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