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I sold 4 of the Red Star chicks I hatched, that bodes well. $20 i’ll be getting for them (only hatched 4 of 7, the rest may not have been fertilized though I did candle them and they looked ok….) That $20 buys a bag of feed, either for the pig or chickens. For the chickens it lasts more than a month so thats excellent. Selling chicks in the summer could pay for a lot of their own supplemental grain feed!

The 4 were born on tuesday / wednesday, selling as day olds.. but they’ll be a few days old since the person is coming today to get them.


The Chanteclers are amazing outdoor loving chicks. They are 6 weeks and they are outside bouncing around, scrounging for food while my 12 week old or so chicks (first batch in the incubator) still stay in the shed and rarely come out. They are considerably larger than the Clers too which is interesting. That is really good news, the Clers supposedly love being outside even with lots of snow unlike many other chickens so thats neat.

I can’t wait to trim my flock down to just Chanteclers. To have a nice neat bunch of pure breds.

Today is also slaughter day, where in the morning I’ll be heading to the local organic farmers place up the road. He’s passing on the skills and knowledge of home chicken slaughtering / cleaning. My goal is for our clers to be our main source of chicken meat – though we will keep doing meat birds so thats not entirely true. I do want to be able to retire my own Clers by cleaning them and putting the older hens in our freezer though.

One of our first batch of reds from my incubator was attacked by one of our older hens, quite viciously infact to the point where literally there is a hole in her neck, so another first, I’ll need to put down one of our young birds. I think I’ll use her for practice slaughtering / cleaning though. Its one of the nicer ways to die anyways, not edible though as her wound is likely infected…

Thats all my bird news for now. will get some more video and pics of my growing Clers maybe later.

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