Chanteclers getting bigger

Here are some images of the Chanteclers. They are 6 weeks now, the combs are definitely a novelty compared to all our other birds. The are noticeably wide and rounded. The 4 left (of the 12 I had hoped to have by this time) are doing well and sticking together. They like huddling outside of the brooder in the shed at night. Warm enough I guess, they were bred for cold winters! Can’t wait to have a pure white bred flock only. Once they start laying I’ll sell or shift my red star chickens.. or eat them… one of those options. They are prolific layers thats no doubt but I hope to have steadier laying with the Clers and the fun of having a purebred flock. I need to get some photos posted of them in the shed next! wait for that.

Chantecler2 Chantecler3 Chantecler1

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