Will the Rapture occur June 8th 2014?

images-1NOW, disclaimers! Don’t write this off.  Here some some disclaimers:

  • This is NOT Jack Van Impe, just using the image 😉
  • These videos by this guy aren’t REALLY about this specific date, they are simply supposed to be thought provoking and get one thinking about it and the nearness of the return of Christ
  • These videos occasionally do get into a bit more USA focused discussions but not too much, so those of you who get annoyed with american preachers and american centric bible prophecy,  hold on, get past that part, these are still fascinating videos
  • Gets into mark of the beast stuff, technology etc
  • gets into the organization of a one world government
  • These videos get into a ton of good stuff including:
    • Blood moons
    • Current events including Israel, Russian, where the countries are in the build up to the final events in bible prophecy
    • extrabiblical prophecies including the prophecy of the popes, the Jubilee prophecies, and so on. The purpose of which is to demonstrate how coincidentally they appear to line up with the general time frame of bible prophecy. So not fact and shouldn’t be taken as such but interesting that it lines up it appears with the canonical bible.

Generally, if you have any interest at all in bible prophecy, this series really brings together all the world news, all the prophecies, all of the things that are coming together to paint a picture even for the newbie as to where we are. these are 1 hour long each episodes, so quite a lot of teaching here. As with anything you hear or on youtube, compare what he says to your own study, still, this is a very interesting and worthy teaching series! 

[youtube Huep_REWzrU]

[youtube C0RXlCbIqrk]

[youtube UqZKAmgFUpE]

[youtube H4Cmv9sFGOA]



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8 thoughts on “Will the Rapture occur June 8th 2014?

  1. So now we are in the month of June…. peace talks are hanging by a thread… Have you considered that everything is NOT going to happen this year?

  2. Ha ya I never really thought it would, the speaker just uses it to make a point that we are close. I believe we will be around atleast until fall next year at minimum. Our work on earth isn’t done yet and the birth pains aren’t that large and frequent yet.

  3. Oh and technically there will never be peace, so those peace talks are just interesting to watch. The 7 year trib will come when someone enforces peace, not when peace is agreed to like what they were going for there.

  4. I see the pope is in the “peace talks” ring now, officially that is.
    If anyone can broker a false peace agreement he can!!

    I am not a Catholic hater but sure see some problems here.

    The perfect red Calf (heifer) has been in the news lately too.

    Could that persuade the Jews to agree to any form of peace if they can make a sacrifice in Jerusalem at the rock?

  5. The rabbis also apparently know where the ark of the covenant is too,mjust waiting for a temple to place it in. They say it’s underneath the Temple Mount.

  6. I have read the articles from “anchorstone.com”

    He has facts about Noah’s Arc, had a gift shop on sight until he was kicked out of the Muslim country. Photos of anchor stones use by a large ship, found in the mountain’s of Ararat range.

    … and other artifacts, chariot wheels found at the red sea crossing.
    He believed the arc of the covenant was there or close by.
    He believed it would be found, under the mount where Christ was crucified.

  7. I am reading Exodus again. I have seen some things that I did not see before.

    Do you believe there is a parallel between Egypt (the Pharaoh) & America. In this way….. God keeps sending USA warnings, signs, pestilence, disaster, 911, with the intent to bring us to our knees, repent, give in to Him.

    The Harbinger, was a very good book showing us the parallel between USA and Israel of old.

    The promises made by George Washington from NYC, the church they prayed in after his inauguration, (sill standing).
    All of the history (Commitments)of our Godly country began at this sight.
    Yet no one is willing to admit we as a country have failed in our responsibilities, our oath, to do as we agreed with God.
    Pharaoh did that, agreed then went back on his word.
    Pharaoh lost his first born as a result.

    Will God punish the USA by allowing personal death to come on our sons or daughters? School shootings – kids killing kids.

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