DSC_2634Well Big Red is no longer. Big Reddy as Arden calls him was attacked by a raccoon or number of raccoons last week. He sacrificed himself for his ladies all whom survived.  The raccoons appear o have gotten 2 more of our up and coming chicks out in the chicken shed too.  We have a family of raccoons in our old white house. The next step is to kill or trap the coons as they had already killed another rooster by that time a couple months earlier.

Again, a learning experience. I’m hoping another rooster is in with all the 20 chicks we incubated – I’m sure a number of them must be roosters since its supposed to be a 50/50 chance for gender… So i’ll find a replacement. All these things are good learning though for us keeping flocks of chickens and ever growing flocks at that as well.

Big Red was the rooster I purchased, the ‘new blood’ i brought in from a farm over Kensington way and he was tall and proud and a tad aggressive. RIP Big Red, you fathered a pile of chicks and protected your flock well, even sacrificing your life for them!

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