A pound of food a day


How much food do YOU toss away every day? This happens to be ballpark what we (our family) would throw away each day into our green bin. In fact, likely its a bit more than this as well. And this doesn’t count the non edible compost that we still do toss into the green bin.

Whats included from day to day?

scraps of:

  • bread the kids don’t eat
  • stale crackers
  • left over orange
  • noodles or pasta of various kinds
  • cake, cookies, anything that isn’t eaten
  • vegetables, greens of all sorts

What do we do with it? Why… we feed our chickens with it of course. A pound a day of this equates to 365 pounds (minimum) of food that would be taken using our taxes and by the government to a landfill of some sort – not composted really because that likely wouldn’t be healthy enough cause you never know what goes into the compost containers.

Its a funny things really, we work hard to BUY the food, then we PAY the government to take it away and bury it.. silly really, nonsensical when you think about it that way.

So 360+ pounds of food get eaten yearly by our 7 chickens (current number). From that we get on average 3 eggs a day (0 to 3 during the winter a day, 5 to 7 a day through the warmer months). That calculates out to 900+ eggs a year. Or 75 dozen eggs.

So… we BUY food, we PAY the government to take it away, then we go BUY eggs all year long. Ok, so you can’t  get out of paying the government, they don’t care how full your green bin is.. but you can see how much you could save anyways by purchasing few eggs, even selling eggs – because how many dozen are you going to eat a month anyways right?!

Whats more, we will soon be feeding a pig with these and pigs are even less discriminating when it comes to food so there is  wider variety we can feed them. You can easily see how much it makes sense to use the food you don’t eat. this doesn’t even account for the manure produced which helps your garden produce  X times worth of food.

Oh, it also doesn’t count the health benefits of getting outside daily, walking to the chickens, getting fresh air and the years it adds. I was slow to come around to it, never realized the benefits before but now I see it.

God made amazing animals, all of which do their thing as part of the living creation and chickens and pigs are just two of the great recyclers that all households should have outside their kitchen window!

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