Round #4 – Chanteclers

These are the Chantecler eggs, just a pic from Round #2 – looks the same though. You get the idea 😉

Round #4 is currently on day 12 of the 21 day incubation period for chickens. I have candled them with my not so bright flashlight. Sadly, not many look real viable… I’m hoping its because of the already lighter colour of the eggs compared with our brown eggs – of which I have one in with Round #4 because I only got 6 Chantecler eggs to start with.

The ‘cler eggs are much lighter than a common brown egg but not white white. And these ones are speckled inside it appears – which is either just the way they look or it could be bacteria that got in. Hope its not the latter… I paid a buck an egg for them and considering the bad luck I had with the chicks and losing two of them, I hope the eggs turn out better. The candling though wasn’t real good… I’m leaving them all in the incubator anyways just in case. If I had to guess, I think only a couple or 3 are viable 🙁 . Will know in two weeks!

In other GOOD news, the 4 Chantecler chicks left are doing well. We got some antibiotics into them and that seems to have saved the other two that were showing obvious signs of of the virus.

Also got word yesterday that my hog panels were in. Though yesterday was the big storm, and today we could hardly get out of the driveway so I plan to pick them up tomorrow. I’ll probably get some pics of those up when I do.

Thats the current update for the chickens

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