Chanteclers are coming

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220px-Chantecler_coq_1926My Chanteclers are coming finally! 🙂  I was able to arrange for a friend to drive some across the Confederation Bridge for me next week.  From Turtle Creek, NB, I’m getting 6 chicks, 1 week old or so, and 6 to 8 eggs for incubating.

These Chanteclers are purebred birds from the original Quebec Chantecler. To the left is the pic of,… I believe one of the first Chanteclers bred in Quebec to be winter hardy dual purpose birds. The only Canadian breed of chicken.

Chanteclers on the island are rare to find, and a rare bird across the country actually. Most are show birds these days, not regular household flocks which i intend for them to be.  Very excited to get a flock of these ones going to first diversify our current set of reds and eventually to replace the reds with a good dual purpose bird.

Stay tuned for images and incubation next week.

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