Blood Moon Tetrads – Detail by Scottie

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I’ve blogged on the blood moons before, i.e. here:¬†¬†That had a video from Mark Biltz though. Mark was the first guy to discover this.

The below clip is from Scotty of the youtube channel “eternalrhythmflow” . Scotty is a funny / goofy guy and he is a dedicated prophecy guy. He pulls info from all sorts of different speakers and makes some really great videos related to his subjects. I find he explains his reasoning very well and says why his theories are for example better than some others out there. He has a lot of great videos actually on mostly the rapture or things relating to it. Great channel to follow on youtube and he makes REALLY interesting videos.

Beyond that, you all need to learn about the blood moon tetrads. They seem far to coincidental to not mean something and God does say in the bible that He will use the sun moon and stars to signify seasons and times. Check it out, really good stuff, succinct detail about why the moons are significant. And we are so close, you’ll be able to quickly see whether this turns out to be truth or not. Hang on tight, looks like the Lord is moving quickly now!

[youtube iaOMatlVP6Q]


The description of what a tetrad is can be found here:

[youtube dv7KL6EuxEg]

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