jam jarMy mind shift for this year is that anything we create with our own hands is NOT a novelty, its not a craft in the modern definition of it. Its not something that should be posted on Facebook as an anomaly, a great achievement (though it may still get posted).

Where am I going with this..?

We need to get used to the idea that canning (jams, vegetables, whatever), creating things with our hands (coffee tables, sheds, tools) and all is the way it was always done 60 years ago. It was how people survived 80 years ago. Canning shouldn’t be something we do for a few jars of jam. We need to get to the point where we understand that this is about living sustainably, saving money, feeding our family for the year off the produce of the summer when its abundant.

Its a mindshift. Doing things with our own hands, doing things the way our grandparents used to do it shouldn’t be a quaint activity, we should recognize it as our freedom. Its our ability to live frugally. Its our ability to live a healthy life. Its our ability to teach our kids good lessons, and skills. Its our ability to ensure there is a planet around for our children and grandchildren, to live sustainably and respect Gods creation in a more visceral, tangible way.

It should be our chance to break from the (recent) norm and live better lives, to feel satisfied and content with the work of our hands using the skills and ability God gave us.

Its kinda ‘back to the land’ thinking. Its really a mix of all the new things (permaculture, sustainability, organic gardening, etc). Is the umbrella idea that there are far better ways and more fulfilling ways to do things. Its the idea that we’ve lost in the modern age, the way our ancestors had lived for thousands of years. We’re waking up because we’re realizing the thing we’ve created with the industrial food production is not and never was a sustainable or healthy thing to do.

We built that economy out of laziness, generation to generation we get more and more lazy, do less and less ourselves, but lets save that rant for another day.

To sum up, put some elbow grease into life, make your own way. Work hard to save money, live in contentment


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