Random things,chicks and prophecy

Chick update:

One rounds 1 and 2 are doing well, growing and healthy. Round 3 has 12 days to go and the neighbour has gotten his incubator up and running as well. I really hope to get some chanteclers going next! We shall see.

Prophecy update:

I find it's basically unacceptable these days to speak out against sin, especially homosexuality. We don't want to get into fights about it but the freedom to even declare our beliefs is limited. People frown on you for stating your beliefs, in fact, stating Gods word on the subject. As the rainbow flag flew in charlottetown 'supporting' the gay right in russia found very few raising any comment about it, though the comments on he the guardian news article did have a number. It feels like since Christians haven't been vocal about much these days, any peep out of us gets instant push back as being the ones out of tunewi th society and unloving. We are losing our free speech and ability to openly follow Jesus through our continual lack of speaking out on things. The voices that do speak out and are loud are getting their way. It's a sign of bible prophecy that th is would get worse, Christians would have less of a voice and the public would be less and less willing to listen to truth. Next to come is outright persecution. Christians will start by losing jobs due to their beliefs, losing contracts, losing friends etc but this is all in the bible anyways. Just a sad thing to see. I think the flag itself was much more of a pro gay things than it was to support a people group in Russia and there are other ways to support them as Christians. Praying, having gov leaders speak out against any sort of persecution etc.

Iran is sending warships to the Atlantic! volcanoes are erupting! more big comets coming this year! linear and siding spring! possible meteor storms. Blood moons getting close!! Iran apparently has a nuke. Can make one within a week at will. Syria is imploding. The world economy and stock market is mirroring the 1929 crash market lines almost exactly. Lots of links I should add, just go to raptureready.com to see much of this news gathered from around the world.

Crazy stuff! Going to be an exciting yea prophetically.

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