Incubator update – 3 days left

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We have a brooder setup, on loan from the neighbours, 3 days left in the incubator. Here are some pics

Notice below I've taken out the rotating gear plate, replaced it with some paper towel in anticipation of the hatch. Had Nathan the neighbour over with his candler to check the eggs. One wasn't developed at all, likely not fertilized. So 6 eggs to go which look promising
Below is the control unit of the brooder. Thermostat and humidistat in there however only the thermostat is currently doing anything – turning on and off lights for heat. The. Humidistat right now is just for humidity information.
Below is the nice glowing brooder, warmed up, ready for the chicks. The chicks will hatch in the brinsea and be in there wobbling a round for a day or two before we transfer them to the brooder.



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