A Real Church Should Have Declining Attendance

Church growth is all the rage. For pastors, the focus is on leadership. For laymen, on “reaching people.” In the church world, church-growth is the standard of success. If a church “reaches people,” and the pastor is a “visionary leader,” then the church will be considered a success. If a church makes it into somebody’s bogus “Fastest Growing Church” list, then the growth frenzy continues with the sheep flocking to check out what innovation has been initiated to reach the masses for Christ. – See more at: http://www.randywhiteministries.org/2014/01/02/leaving-church-growth-movement/#sthash.GMvvViQS.dpuf


Photo on 14-01-04 at 10.48 AM #3This is an article I can agree with.  My slant to it is that if a church is truly and closely following Christ, you should actually see a decline in attendance. As the sermons get more truthful, more exclusive, more bold, more full of the real gospel, people will leave. All those fence sitters will get nervous with the goings on, all the politically correct type folk will be offended at the exclusive teaching, younger folks (tree huggers, wannabe green babies) will be disgusted at the inhumanity of the treatment of animals in the old testament and so on.

If you go through the generations / demographics in a church, each one will have their own issues with what is spoken, or what is done.

I suggest that the ‘real’ church is closer to the evening service crowd than the sunday morning service crowd.

There will come a time of persecution when it actually gets hard to be a church goer, your life may actually be the price to go to church – how many at that time will make any kind of excuse to stop attending, to end their affiliation with Jesus. It will be easy for fence sitters at that time to just take off.

We all know the subjects that aren’t popular to be preached, homosexuality, the sanctity of marriage, premarital sex, end times prophecy and the wars coming, animal sacrifice and the old testament happenings, creation vs evolution…

I think if a church is really preaching the bible, their numbers will decline – initially at least. I do believe that if they continue to preach the solid word of God and the true things of Christ, the population will slowly increase with fully committed christians but there must be a ‘falling away’ first to use biblical terms.  the chaff has to blow away and then you’ll see who is REALLY committed and that number is far less than a sunday morning service for sure!

UPDATE: I should clarify, the original intent of this post was related to churches who all the sudden start teaching the truth, the not so popular things in the bible, those churches will quickly lose members. As they continue to teach the truth though, slowly that raw honest truth, and even unpopular truth will cause some to come back and attendance will grow again, albeit slowly.

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