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The new animal for the year 2014 to be introduced to the Gallant Family Farm is the pig. Or likely two pigs. These creatures are the next level up from chickens in terms of ease of upbringing, handling and home food production.

We intend to get a couple weaner pigs (pigs that have just been weaned) and grow them up over 4 to 6 months to about 200 pounds give or take. THey will basically eat all the food chickens would eat and even more.

The plan currently is to create some sort of fenced in area in the back with electric or maybe just something cheaper, like heavy guage metal fencing. The cost to raise and slaughter is about $400 or so including food, slaughter, butcher. For that price you get about 150 pounds of pork or more depending on slaughter weight.

The end result is something like 3 bucks a pound of pork, and all the pork you can eat! That meat would probably be mostly enough for us for a year – out of one pig that is. You get chops, hams, bacon, ribs etc. you get about 20 pounds of bacon out of on pig, that is suweet!

We have raised / saved 110 so far, which buys us one pig right now. Hopefully by spring / weaned rearing time, we will have enough for fencing and feeders and other such requirements.

The theory and process really is that you're buying in bulk. So lots of money up front for slaughter but you get a pile of meat as well for that large expense. That's how it was done in the old days. Grow your meat for the winter season. Then next spring the process is repeated but by that time hopefully we have all the infrastructure in place so it costs even less to get going


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