This year I chose not to split anything. You'll see a good variety of sizes in the image. It's the 'medium' size range of wood that I ordering n 8 foot lengths.

I figured I would see if I can get away without splitting it at all and so far so good. This wood has been in my basement for over a month so it's well on its way to drying out. In the morning I out a few smaller pieces on, then larger round ones on top of that.

The issue with not splitting is that it may not cryogenic ut enough, or doesn't burn as notice in the furnace. I haven't really had a problem though hadn't it's been down to -23 here so far, still December of course.

Not splitting means hours of work saved, electricity saved, wear and tear on my splitter etc. only the biggest chunks I. Had to split to get down the window chute but that's only been like 5 blocks or something.

My Ardent forced air wood furnace is large so getting 12 or 14 inch round stuff in there is no issue at all. Will do this again next year if all turns out well and so far, issues with heat. And the whole chunks are much better for longer burns during the night.

If I have troubles I'm sure ill blog on it 🙂


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