Evolution? Doesn’t make any sense

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The other day, 2 days ago actually I was cleaning our vacuum beater bar. by cleaning I mean cutting off the hair and elastics and other stuff that gets wrapped around it. Disregarding 100% any form of knife safety of course. As I was attempting to push through some tough strings wrapped around it, it finally got through it and of course the knife carried on right into my hand.

Now cutting myself isn’t new. What was new was that it was deep enough to sever a nerve apparently cause one side of my finger is tingly / numb.

I’ve learned that there must be at least 2 nerve strings going to the finger, next i’ll google it to see if I”m right.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.17.50 AMI was right! Totally deduced it and look at the image, the purple lines are the nerves. Each finger has 2 lines, one on either side. Come on, if thats not intelligent design, what is? If you sever one, there is a whole other one on the other side! So I cut the one on the right side of the index finger in the image as the knife went into my hand between my thumb and index, into the palm area!

Very cool. Now that wasn’t even the ‘evolution untrue’ part of the post but that is neat. So anyways, apparently the nerves DO grow back after time. How is that evolution? These seemingly simple things could not have evoked, its madness to think this evolved with all the other supposed evolutions in the body to be a self healing, to be arranged in such a manner as to allow for the potential that you don’t cut ALL the nerves unless the whole finger is cut off.

Right now, literally the left side of my index has full feeling, the right side is 70% numb or more. The hand was created, designed by an intelligent designer – and thats an understatement. The body God designed is amazing and never ceases to be. You can mess up your body in so many ways, on purpose or by accident and in every situation God has built in a mechanism to heal it. To reconnect nerves, to establish blood vessels – how does that happen?? Crazy. The skin reattaches itself after being cut by way of scabbing,  the body actively reacts with more blood flow to the injured area – how does it even know where to go?? Really when you think about it humans can’t even figure out how it does what it does! Sure we understand the mechanics of it, how blood is pumped, and can theorize that the brain is reacting to stimuli but we really have no idea nor could we reproduce it anywhere near close to what it does.

Whether or not the nerve grows back I don’t know, I assume it will and google says it does so it must be true.  Just the ability to self diagnose, heal and normalize things is amazing if you stop to think about it. We punish our bodies and it just gets to work day in day out to keep the body whole and moving assuming nothing catastrophic happens like a totally severed limb. Although… stem cells have the ability to grow a new finger out of effectively nothing! Again, incredible, amazing stuff, what is in our body has the ability to do such things. THe information, the knowledge, the components, and the ability.

GO GOD, and thats an understatement!

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