The Brinsea – Egg Incubator

Well, the Brinsea Mini Advance is on its way. Thanks to  a generous donation / gift! It arrives (hopefully) on the 24th. Just before Christmas.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.01.21 PMWhat is it? Well its a fully automated, mostly idiot proof, ‘set it and forget it’ style incubator. One you can’t really screw up. Perfect for me 😉  Sure I did all the ‘make your own’ incubator stuff, and I hatched 2 eggs in it but with my super cheap setup (literally $15 worth of stuff) I caused more chick death likely then I needed to. My thermostat died various times, sometimes it came back to life. The last failure was its end. It was a $7 electric baseboard thermostat from Canadian Tire. It worked for a good while but it wasn’t meant to be used for an incubator. Minimum load on it was supposed to be 500 watts. I was running 40 watts and that was on and off and on and off again all day every day for 21 days.

Really, of the 2 eggs I did hatch, I must have tossed out 20 of them after incubating them for 21 days! Not that that is expensive since in the summer we get 5 or 6 eggs every single day but waste nonetheless.

I spoke about the incubator a couple days ago in the other blog, key features, count down timer, auto rotation of eggs. It just works and reviews are super good on it. Most say 80 or 90% hatch rate. Hey, if I got that high of a hatch rate, I’d have about 18 or 20 birds around here already!

Really excited to get it and try it out. I figure 7 at a time (if all hatch) is plenty for the size of flock I need.

Some math, if incubated back to back for a year and had 100% hatch rate, I’d have 119 chicks over the year!

365 days / 21 days to incubate and egg * 7 eggs that fit in the incubator at a time = 119.

And these birds basically lay an egg a day (not quite, but we’ll keep it easy) which means 9 dozen eggs a day and over 43,000 eggs!!!

119 Birds laying once a day * 365 days in a year = 43000~. Or in egg cartons, 3583 cartons of eggs.

Ok that would take a ridiculous amount of feed no doubt, still, I *could* do it!

Excited, and will have pics and videos posted on Christmas day for sure of the first round of birds.

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