Confluence of Prophetic Events

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This vid is a great sum up of a number of world events that all seem to intersect next year. 2014 is looking like its going to be an incredible prophetic fulfillment year! watch this vid to see some of the big things converging next year!

[youtube Sa3quVzDol4]

Its important to suggest that we don’t know the day or the hour when the Lord will return, but we are also told to look for and expect His return and to know the times and the seasons and watch for the signs in the sun moon and stars. As he states, too often when big signs happen, christians are too quick to say, ‘meh, that doesn’t mean anything, if God wanted to show us something, it would be obvious!’.

And then when that greater more obvious thing comes along, I think we would again try to rationalize it or write it off as something natural. Be careful!

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